A World Without Masks…

Originally posted on Paradoxical Illusions of Grandeur

The world passes by blindly
Never knowing its true potential.
The blind lead the lame
Across the torrential floods.
We never stop to see.
To look.
To truly absorb.
Total empowerment,
It becomes our crutch.
Lies! Shiny wrapping makes them only so sweet.
We wish it would embrace the moments of truth,
Yet it feels like no one else can hear them.
Relying only on the shortened words,
Twisted by personal perspective,
A thousand different agendas,
And nothing to speak of that matters.
Each day, in this sea of sorrow,
Look for the ship on the horizon,
Leading you to the place where you might see,
The reality of worlds falling apart
Wrapped up in the words that surround us.
Yearning to take them there.
Show them the beauty in truth and light,
The wonder of understanding.
Our world is there for the taking,
Conquer the demons.
Understand our path,
Our purpose.
And succeed.

About carmelaj

Dreaming poet, trying to find inspiration in the world alongside social commentry... check out my blogs... http://paradoxicalillusionsofgrandeur.blogspot.com/ http://mini-illusions.blogspot.com/ x x
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