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Self-Help In A Baggie

Bless you Lord I am me Free No nerves Severed soul Heart held hostage Smoke engulfs Highest percentile A choked out Gag reflex Nothingness is pink Bluebird bliss We scraped it off Night-life tumors Brain tissue bred The neoplasia orgy … Continue reading

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Floating above the clouds, Lightheaded, blurred vision. The pain was numbed out of existence, Though a dull ache lives on, Pounding its way to the surface, Only to be pushed back by the pills. Like floating underwater, Hearing distorted, nay, … Continue reading

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Twirling Blade, Twinkling Snowflakes, and the Patina of Bloodline Oak

Breathe. He sits at the table solving the worlds problems rolling the silvery blade between his fingers like an accomplished knife thrower in his own circus. One false move, or one true move could start it all or end it … Continue reading

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the nighttime singer

one pill nothing. except for the ether fragrance rising and falling between the pages of absence caught in the blankets. his head lies, his eyes continue to swim in the gyre of midnight. two pills flicker. the curves of the … Continue reading

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