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Bestselling Amazon author, speaker, and poet, Heather Grace Stewart was born in Ottawa, ON, and currently lives near Montreal, QC with her husband, their young adult in college, and a siamese-orange-tabby cat who eats everything. Trained as a newspaper and magazine journalist, Heather started her career as a poet and novelist after publishing this blog in 2008. At the time it was titled WHERE THE BUTTERFLIES GO, and it became her first poetry collection. More Info, Books and Media:


I could feel it coming— anticipated the thunder, crisp white linen sheets across the sky, and the outburst— that instant release from raging heat with stirring after scents: sweet wet rose petals, satiated lawns, damp hair, warm skin, and hope … Continue reading

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One Hand

One Hand Shackles are broken. Walls have fallen. Doors have opened; It took one hand. One black hand reached out to other hands of every age and colour; held them in his own. One frigid winter day, hope hanging in … Continue reading

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