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A boy shakes his tin of pennies the bait shop turns to crickets. Their loud song drowns.

His Cherokee Mistress

sleeps with her face between his thighs & whispers his legs still. In her dreams drools, makes a ravine runs past his naked ankles. At first morning light they bathe each other in the stream behind their house. When her … Continue reading

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To My Mistress Lock’d Away

So ‘prognosticates’ ‘violin’ ‘basil’ and ‘tarot’ are probably not 18th century words, but what the heck? Here’s my attempt: To My Mistress Lock’d Away THE resting moon defies its shifting clouds And casts them off like lovers from their shrouds. … Continue reading

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15 and Nervous Inside the Abandoned School Bus Behind the Hero Family Cottonfield, October 2000

I kiss your fuzzy navel soft and run my fingers from your hips to underneath your pink knees. Your breasts conceal a smile I know is there from me. Your shivers, moans are coded I love yous— your body’s words … Continue reading

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Unseen Haikus

too many of them, ranging in quality: They had to do it pressure from one in the group swamp gas vile as booze in back the pickup two twin red plastic gas cans dream of burning you looked at the … Continue reading

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flash poem: Hardcore loved that girl since seeing her kick her keds off from the porch swing. Kissed her on a moonless night— she complained about tobacco on my lips. Underneath her dress found riches tucked and kissed them alive. … Continue reading

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Full Moon Flash Haiku (Geoff)

Some who live in fear will taste that moon in their blood when teeth come like tide. As joints dislocate bones snap thicken align a reborn creature no laughter no tears and no grief all humanity replaced by hunger

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“The Brat Prince” Gets a Spanking

“The Brat Prince” Gnats fly too. And termites flutter lamps like rain. Roaches in the Marigny and pigeons in Lee Square. What shall the brat prince dare have me pronounce? First, you’re right I’m not some uptown millionaire. Indulge a … Continue reading

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