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Jealous… (U-N-Death Love 2 hate me)

cant help how I feel green like leaves, hanging onto every move you make — wishing to be the one you loved not the memory shoved away…. Poets Note: sorry I have a thing for alternative titles…

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[UN] Hopeless Romantic [DEAD]

My life like death are the same. Still. Empty. No hope of love finding me…

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An Honest Haiku (flash)

It’s love I love; It’s Lust I lust. It’s not you; Not yet.

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Emotions at Tide

Undisturbed turbulence veiled by a calm tranquility, Unleashed by the Earth’s might Let its Spirit enfold; Strange yet magnificent in its complexity Known to change the essence of the mould. The placidity, complex in the very simplicity Known to affect … Continue reading

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An Organ Donor On Ice

Your very own words fuck you, like you’re drunk on formaldehyde live tissue covering a worthless heart drowning in vague images and tv reruns of a single night that has lasted your entire urban legend. Do you even remember the … Continue reading

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not everything needs a name

meet me at the river after the flooding has passed, the muddy banks, virgin once again we will watch the sunset the ducks heading to shore as the waves turn purple and pink let us have a tea party with … Continue reading

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I do

I do.. I don’t have to shout it from the roof tops cause i say it from the roof of my mouth. My actions speak louder then books of old. My mind is nothing but a museum to you, my … Continue reading

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