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Another Kind of Book

The cover of darkness held you for a reason fighting the light away What is more painful than fearing life or more hurtful than being permeated by fright To choose numbness as a shelter a self-made guardian an angel saviour … Continue reading

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Slightly dead (under the Sun)…

beneath the suns rays I’ve been kissed by life! wondering what tomorrow may hold. with this pen I spill words over lines because tomorrow has yet to be told I can no longer wonder what it may hold and bring today is … Continue reading

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By a Thread

Watch the spider hang Precariously alone Far from home, its web On a single thread No control of wind and rain Blown by a dark storm Raindrops creating black holes Tears the fragile web Which keeps secure the spider The … Continue reading

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An Organ Donor On Ice

Your very own words fuck you, like you’re drunk on formaldehyde live tissue covering a worthless heart drowning in vague images and tv reruns of a single night that has lasted your entire urban legend. Do you even remember the … Continue reading

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~ Life is a poem ~ Inspired on the breath of Divine Creation It shows your cracks Through the cracks A sliver of hope saturates your soul ~ In ugliness and in beauty ~ To breathe is both a burden … Continue reading

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Flying Free on the Wings of Time

If you rush through Life, Moments will pass by in a blur; If you take things too slowly, You will miss the Moments. Like a Photograph Life is all about being in the Moment: Perfect Rhythm of Space. Timing. Serendipity. … Continue reading

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Hope Hope is a green blade of grass in a hot desert Resilience is a daisy blooming in the tread of Fate’s footpath Faith is absorbing every bit of moisture Life is to keep growing But Love is the unseen … Continue reading

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