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Ghazal—Dead Rachel Rosenberg What does it mean to be dead? How does it feel to be dead? When zombies walk this world, do they know that they are dead? Is life merely a process? If I fail to reproduce, does … Continue reading

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Challenge: Ghazals

Geoff recently introduced me to the Ghazal form: Basically, it’s a poem composed of two-line stanzas, each of which are self-contained (in both language and topic) and all end with the same word. Read the wikipedia page for the … Continue reading

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(7/7) Already Goddammit!

Grab me hard and pull. I won’t protest if your hands wander; I will open to your touch. I will run my own hands down your pulsing skin, leaving trails of shivering desire. Pull me to you and kiss me!

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(7/7) A Sweet Little Warm-Up

I have a fierce desire to stalk you like so much prey. To get close enough to smell your bewitching earthy scent. Quietly slide you into an empty room and fix you to me with my green green eyes.

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UDPS Flash Haiku Summer

Shadows are sliding down blank, cold walls. Chills follow. Who will save me now?

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Flash: Loverboy Imagine

Loverboy, never imagine that I would hesitate to kill you if you try to get back up again. Both of us have gone down too many times not to know the next move; one gets angry, the other soothes. But … Continue reading

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More Full Moon

The moon says that he is not responsible for my crimes in his name. He laughs when I try to ask for some small respite; my fate has been sealed.

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More Moon

Not rage rising, no; it’s that silvery disc that defines this new beast.

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Moon continuation

Face you think you know becomes muzzle, filled with teeth, above heart of fire.

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The Undead Walk

The undead walk; they stumble and growl for brain food in snazzy high heels. Speaking of the undead walking, the 6th Annual Zombie March is happening tomorrow in Boston.; Anyone else plan on going? My camera will be blazing.

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