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An Organ Donor On Ice

Your very own words fuck you, like you’re drunk on formaldehyde live tissue covering a worthless heart drowning in vague images and tv reruns of a single night that has lasted your entire urban legend. Do you even remember the … Continue reading

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Another Night of Nosebleed

I see the stain on the pillow from another night of nosebleed. A bruise on my shin from atrophied balance meeting the bedpost says good morning. Straw like hair creeps back. Evidenced by strands littering my bedsheets, shining silver where … Continue reading

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The hole engulfs, more easily than a gravediggers shovel. Grass gone. Soil tilled, ready for the bounty. Dirt rains in blocking a view of the sun. Buried, and finally, needed rest comes. False alarm. Ejection. Back into the sunlight. Warmth … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Act…

The man’s breathing had grown labored. That was to be expected, and so it was. The man of five foot six had grown larger than life – accomplished in what he set out to do. Just like a real man … Continue reading

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Pretend You Are Dead

I pretend you are dead to get away from your memory. Your beauty has burned its image into my brain. Your power and your presence has marked me. I obsess over them until I am insane. I take trips and … Continue reading

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Twirling Blade, Twinkling Snowflakes, and the Patina of Bloodline Oak

Breathe. He sits at the table solving the worlds problems rolling the silvery blade between his fingers like an accomplished knife thrower in his own circus. One false move, or one true move could start it all or end it … Continue reading

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Implements of the Intruder

Rubber tubes tangled Plugged in and taped securely binding hands. Electrodes gelled and reporting. Insolent yet comforting echoes of heartbeat. Calling,  like the reminder of a burglar alarm,warning of the intruder uninvited.

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Silver Bullet Waiting

She was born with a quirk That makes her love to hate. Without a part of her brain she says she needs. What is normal anyway? Who needs it? Who is keeping score? She names her notebook and pen Eros … Continue reading

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Heavy Breather

Always coming up for air. Not graceful like a porpoise or pilot whale. Gasping, clamoring, clawing to the surface. Further away each time under, and Growing thicker, towards becoming impenetrable; A five layer crust of satin, wood, dirt, grass, and … Continue reading

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Silent Revenge

Tears. Through sewn shut slits I watch them file past. In no particular order. Reverent. As never before. Ears pinned back Reveal their whispers of How peaceful I look In my waxy pallor, Underneath the clown mask hue. Coiffed and … Continue reading

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