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Seattle Summer

Rain Clouds Drizzle Sun breaks through Heating up the day Clear blue skies, warm temperatures Summer was nice this year, glad it was on a weekend Clouds gather in late afternoon Muting the sunset Gray morning Showers Clouds Rain

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Northwest Spring

Almost Summer Warm winter, cold spring Summer sunshine held at bay Anticipation Coy Spring The sun’s warmth on the skin is fleeting, A touch, there then gone, withdrawn before it can be grasped, Warm wind is but a whisper past … Continue reading

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UDPS Flash Haiku Summer

We’re built on ether Blessings by the <[character]> Social media What about your smile? Your lips moving when you talk? Meant for human eyes. __________________________ Visit the final, combined result of this group challenge.

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UDPS Flash Haiku Summer

The Unseen

The unseen rule me:
Nameless, faceless, all-knowing;
I’m in their power.

Voices from the past,
Echo through my waking mind;
Driving me insane.

If they would but cease,
My thoughts could become clearer,
Allowing me peace.

I fear the darkness;
Its shadowy, velvet touch,
Caressing my soul.

You shall have your peace,
When we have been satisfied.
Thus spake the unseen.
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Unseen Flash Haiku Challenge for Thursday, 3rd June 2010

This wasn’t my original thought for today’s challenge, but Geoff Munsterman mentioned doing another single-themed “flash” haiku challenge, with the exception that this time no one would see anyone else’s until they were all posted, and I’m an accommodating type of guy, so…

Here are your parameters:

Title your post, “UDPS Flash Haiku Summer.”
Save your haiku post as a draftdo not publish it.
Tonight, at 10:00PM ET (US East Coast Time, e.g. New York time, for those of you in the antipodes), I will publish all the drafts for this challenge in the order they were saved as drafts.

Your theme: THE UNSEEN

This could get interesting. Your challenge begins…NOW!

Rhyme on! Continue reading

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