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Her Dance Card

With each pirouette They shift shadows with Low eyes And She dances Through Death

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It’s All in How You Look at It

Yes A Marriage Is far from Easy, at times you’ll Both plan the death of the other Just think, at least you are still doing stuff together

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Summer Day Fibonacci

Sun Light Blazing Beating down Travels ‘cross the sky Westering sun sets sky ablaze Twilight descends over the sweltering cityscape Mercury slowly starts descent Sleep without blankets Marine layer Dawn Clouds Cool Drizzle Quenches earth Apollo rides forth Quiet gray … Continue reading

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Televiddiction – fib

Our set top box broke down last night. Most horrific Three hours of my life. Up to now. ______ Sean Monaghan

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Full Moon Fibonacci (Flash Poem)

The moon is full, arise undead – be filled to your core,
With blood and gore and viscera,
Yummy brains, galore,
Eat them up,
Eat them up,
Yummy brains galore,
With blood and gore and viscera,
The moon is full, arise undead – be filled to your core.
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Banned User – Fibonacci Sequence Poem

Banned User Put His Lover’s Picture on flickr after she’d been butchered by his flicking knives ______________ Sean Monaghan

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“Fangs” – Fibonacci Palindrome

If you will notice, this (modified)Fib-palindrome reflects its subject…
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Fibonacci Sequence Poem

Carnival Cage No Harsh Silver Bullet for My werewolf, but chains, Bars and an oogling audience. – Sean Monaghan

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