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Sacred Heart

In my sacred heart rubys form within flesh where the blood rolls like tears.

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Blood And Sweat Form Patriotism

Originally Posted As :- Blood And Sweat Form Patriotism in Ash Bee Zone Blood and sweat form Patriotism Without patriotism, Sacrifice is incomplete Anyone can insult and cheat. Remember if the country is dependent, Then, we can’t claim to be … Continue reading

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Blood Champagne clouds like ice in the night Full blood moon to quell the fears But never the hunger We dance our dance And feel your warmth and life The surrender to the need Times claws miss a lucid body … Continue reading

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Scarlet festival

Midnight descends upon us darkness embrace your cold body your last verses resonate in my mind a poem of sorrow your blood flows so beautifully a scarlet festival I wanted to ruin you to bring you with me to the … Continue reading

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Oops…I did It again

I woke with a twinge on the inside of my arm And the night flashed across my morning In the bathroom, just like that I did it again And I dreamt of the abscence of scars of no fear or lies … Continue reading

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Art of Destruction

The festival of bullet rain begins as we wield the weapons of fate let the celebration start as blood spatter across the land Tanks rampage the fields Weapons demonstrate their will Blood spatter like it is free People fly up … Continue reading

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In the darkness you gently slept behind the red cloth the scent of the delightful blood made me move on I walked closer and slide through the red cloth there you are my beloved patient. My finger slowly reached out for … Continue reading

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