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The UndeadPoets Society is not dead.

We have been in stasis, but will rise again… Keep the faith. The UndeadPoet

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His Cherokee Mistress

sleeps with her face between his thighs & whispers his legs still. In her dreams drools, makes a ravine runs past his naked ankles. At first morning light they bathe each other in the stream behind their house. When her … Continue reading

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Jealous… (U-N-Death Love 2 hate me)

cant help how I feel green like leaves, hanging onto every move you make — wishing to be the one you loved not the memory shoved away…. Poets Note: sorry I have a thing for alternative titles…

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[UN] Hopeless Romantic [DEAD]

My life like death are the same. Still. Empty. No hope of love finding me…

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The Illiminati

Illuminati by Beloved49 Illuminati Templar Knight’s of old sworn to secrecy enlighten men so bold perfect circle never ends ILLUMINATI perfect circle never ends enlighten men so bold sworn to secrecy Templar knights of old

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Against the Grain

Asked once more to step forward into the heart of who I am, I find myself in a place that goes against the grain. Most would say to hold my words, to do the logical thing, But I have no choice in … Continue reading

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The Threshold

the threshold none can cross invited you must be all things of darkness cannot pass shadows of the fallen  long ago they rage and scream in silence withering swaying back and forth but none can enter uninvited for the threshold … Continue reading

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The Aftermath: A horse and man

Oh, Great steed with silk hair white graced with beauty pranced in moonlight bears no spiraling horn or wings to fly earthbound hoofs, incapable of flight Adorned with crown the rider takes mount dreams of triumph neglected to surmount carries … Continue reading

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Sweet Lily

  new roman;”> wearing but a woven crown of pale lilies her blacken skin slick with sweat glistens, a mirror without an image each movement, each step silent her body tense, she pauses…listening intently to the sounds around her garnet … Continue reading

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Grief Often gets in the Way

Grief often gets in the way like a granite stone in a river impeding the gentle sway of the moonlight’s reflected silver Sobbing with uncontrolled sorrow which steals the breath away wounded hearts forget tomorrow will bring sunshine’s warm bouquet … Continue reading

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