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Back to my tricks (flash)

I only have teeth for you Hips Lips Stained bright Or not at all Once they find yours And find them And find themmm _____________________________________ I’m back, you guys! (Took a break from this stuff for a bit.)

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Angst (flash)

If I don’t explore I can’t get lost So which is better? Sight/unseen Sleep/no dream Traffic/missed Never been f/ing kissed? If I don’t play I can’t lose. Someone told me too late. __________________________ [One of those days, I guess?]

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Vampire’s Kiss (flash poem)

Listen to the first stanza

Heart beating,
breath quickening,
anticipation building, Continue reading

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(7/7) Already Goddammit!

Grab me hard and pull. I won’t protest if your hands wander; I will open to your touch. I will run my own hands down your pulsing skin, leaving trails of shivering desire. Pull me to you and kiss me!

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