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I write omnivorous fiction.

Happy Halloween My Undead Lovelies!

“Play With Me” In the basement Down the hall I keep a door, a secret wall At the stroke of midnight When the rats come out to play Its where I like to steal away In a pot Thick as … Continue reading

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Wrap around you like a ribbon Take your grief in my palms Toss it like stardust somewhere deep and dark where the sun can’t reach Light into your soul like a dove lift the tapestry where old echoes lie heavy … Continue reading

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Zombie Haiku: Hungry

Arising from depths Where the dead dream and worms crawl Snack stalking zombie

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Friday the 13th Haiku ( Jodi )

Nightmares breathe life Unholy day, horror is born Friday the 13th

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Every fear has substance. Whether in thought, dreams, or reality. Every warning is valid especially when it comes through lips of one adored. He told me love is a four letter word that is really just another four letter word: … Continue reading

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Undead Poetic Teaser ~ For WildCard (Margo’s library auction story)

Stab wounds in my soul. Punctures leaking conscience, guilt. This death, a cost too great to bear. The whisper of a life I’d promised, is fleeting with every breath, every ounce every pill I sell. My world goes black and … Continue reading

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Mocking Rainbows

Sharp stick draws circles in the sand, complete, one inside another. Lust or love or illusion? Only the artist knows. Despite what the Rolling Stones sing, time is not on our side. The stick is tossed. Nature, like the sea … Continue reading

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An Undead Prose Poem

You put a buttercup to my chin and ask me if I like butter. I laugh and you ask me to marry you. I can’t. I tell you right then about the handsome man out in the woods that day, … Continue reading

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Wed Senyru Challenge

Normal: Weak tide rolls ashore Banking sea faring vessel Exhausted spirit Undead: Red tide rolls ashore Wrecking sea faring vessel Zombies emerge

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lock and key

ice crystals singing high noon tune seducing woodland nymphs shedding their shells of trees filling fragile goblets refreshing fair maidens weeping stolen seas pirated by bearded ghosts hunting ancient treasure chests keeping pearls and rubies: Hearts bleeding innocence under lock … Continue reading

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