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Fog Mist Shadow Morning shroud Cloaks the familiar Makes mysterious the common Streets transform into paths of ghostly apparitions Monstrous forms materialize Luminous eyes share Through gloom Mist Fog

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Breakers at Westport

This is a repost from my blog, “Great” Thoughts. Line after frothy line, Rank after foamy rank, Armies from over the distant horizon Storming the beach Charging ashore, advancing  then retreating Only to advance again and again A little farther each time before … Continue reading

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Images from Twin Ponds Park

Golden hued sunlight Daylight’s waning minutes fade Shine on still waters   Ducklings and mother Swim through sun-dappled waters Beneath verdant leaves.   Slanted trunk, strong limbs Shelter at the water’s edge Place of summer dreams.  

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not everything needs a name

meet me at the river after the flooding has passed, the muddy banks, virgin once again we will watch the sunset the ducks heading to shore as the waves turn purple and pink let us have a tea party with … Continue reading

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King of the Hill

Ryan Griffiths The Gnarly Oak King of the Hill Up on my hilltop Looking down on the bay; I see roads, houses, a bridge – All so far beneath me. Up here I am king Of that land below; From … Continue reading

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Three Poems of Spring

Leaving Work In February Dark skies and headlights  no longer mark existence in Five O’clock World. ******* Naked Limbs Even under a blanket of clouds Daylight is unmistakable. Naked limbs are silouettes Stark against a pink horizon. ******* The Stage Still Winter holds the … Continue reading

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Dead Stump

Dead Stump Standing Sentinel Guards tree that once was Fungi break down, consuming wood Moss and lichen drape the stump; a green burial shroud A seed alights atop the stump Roots dig into dead wood Growth begins Sapling Grows Life … Continue reading

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If I’m not a modern man, then I’m just a post traumatic heretical fleabag, a rebel with a cause, just one that’ll involve a plate load of legal tendons and a chance to cut the argument to the bone. Nature … Continue reading

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The full Moon rises to the East

She dances under the Birch To the music of her soul Bare feet against wet Earth Freer then she has ever known She dances a healing dance To cleanse the invisible wounds Buried through generations Deep within the soul She … Continue reading

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Mocking Rainbows

Sharp stick draws circles in the sand, complete, one inside another. Lust or love or illusion? Only the artist knows. Despite what the Rolling Stones sing, time is not on our side. The stick is tossed. Nature, like the sea … Continue reading

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