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My name is Robin Elizabeth and I'm 25. I do not create with my own ability, but with the gift God has given me.


Seven letters. A word with many meanings; Forever. But what is forever? We say forever, Like we know what we’re doing. “I’ll love you forever.” I have one question, And please if you may, Answer me honestly. How long is … Continue reading

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Smiles In The Night Sky

If there were a new star, Every time you made me smile, The sky would be filled, More than it could hold, And it would burst, Making every moment worth while, And spreading light, On stories yet told. Because you … Continue reading

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What Would It Be Like?

Have you ever wondered, What things would look like, If we actually opened our eyes? Have you ever thought about, What life could be like, If we were honest with our tries? Because I’m honestly sick, Of being told I’m … Continue reading

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Nightmares Flee

Whispers in the night, Fill the room with fright. Hold me still, protect me, Make these nightmares flee. I can not hold my head up, To look you in the eye. I can not close my eyes, And promise not … Continue reading

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Her Fear

In honor of National Suicide Prevention  Week I wrote this poem: Her fear. Filling her bones. Aching. Afraid to say. Promises broken. Faking. This simple life. Heartless. Her actions towards self. Her fear? Losing the ones who care. She tries. … Continue reading

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How She Wrote Her Story

Many of us write our story, Taking pens or such to do so, Hoping life will just get better, With every word we place on paper, But we know inside that it won’t matter, If paper is the way we … Continue reading

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One Last Thought

I’m far too afraid, That you’re missing the point. And I’m not so sure, That you understand a thing. I’ve been talking for hours, And you’ve yet to notice, I haven’t said a word, About what was addressed, When we … Continue reading

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