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Writing what comes to mind helps to make space for new experiences and thoughts to emerge. I am a sponge for knowledge, but every now and then I need to wring myself out so I don't become filled with stagnant, bacteria-filled, regenerated, ping-pong ball like ideas.

silent killer

my body is a serial killer it kills everything i love my ability to eat oranges, onions, garlic red meat, shellfish, chocolate pudding, cheese, whipped cream… my body is a murderer it killed my baby, my self-esteem, my shrinking waistline, … Continue reading

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Waking Sleep

your side of the bed was cold when i woke up today i reached over for the reassurance of your hand and grabbed only sheets i didn’t want to open my eyes because then i would have to see the … Continue reading

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I sit and float on a silent cloud, keeping my eyes closed but my mind open. The slow pace of the waves becomes more insistent as the tide flows in. The edge of the cliff is looming and I can … Continue reading

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When I come home, oranges and oatmeal are bubbling in the oven, giving off the smell of a frantic sleepless night remembering the bake sale is tomorrow. Made with love and soft and chewy they cool on the counter, the … Continue reading

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“Red Rover, Red Rover Send Casey right over” 10 9                                8 7 Steps to join the game 6                                 5 Kids staring at me, Looking at my dirty tennis shoes, My frilly socks full of lace on the edges, Running up … Continue reading

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