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learning how to love unconditionally.

Against the Grain

Asked once more to step forward into the heart of who I am, I find myself in a place that goes against the grain. Most would say to hold my words, to do the logical thing, But I have no choice in … Continue reading

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World of Ash

It’s kinda hard, when the skin no longer bleeds. No taste for water, no reason left to feed. Sun has turned its’ back, fingers chip from the cold. World of ash, no reason left to be bold.           Kingdom of grey, I can’t abide here … Continue reading

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My Dear Friend

My friend death usher me into a place exotic and new fulfull your promise to set me free I will step out of this mold into energy come teach me                                        ….my first Septep…woohoo!

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when I entered

I got a sweet line of faith, that I don’t believe in Got a pantheon of neon gods, that don’t know I exist                       When I say it                       you should believe                       it’s raining blood Got 30 volumes of wisdom, they’re … Continue reading

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time to go

Never could I have dreamnt of such a creation as you

For you, life leaves it slumber and resumes it’s dance

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