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Apologies from your feckless (I mean) “fearless” leader…

Hello, my (undead)lovelies!

Wow! There have been a lot of changes in my (undead) world…changes which have kept me from keeping up with my UDPS duties, and for that, I sincerely and humbly apologize. Thank you to all of you who have valiantly posted on! Thank you to all of you (undead)newbies who have requested to join our (undead)ranks! I hear your cries, and will endeavor to fulfill your desire (to join the Undead Poets’ Society, that is…).

Get ready to rock and roll, because I am preparing to kick it again!

Rhyme on!
(Thus spake the Undead)

(Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales Continue reading

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Incubus Grows

Green shoots everywhere Earth yawns and stirs Meadows full with daffodil’s In out of cement gardens Nature will push pavement aside Incubus grows unnoticed in shadows

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The Key Hole

We would peek through the keyhole when we heard that sound. The sound of hand meeting skin and bone. The screams, the pleas the cries, the moans. Never ending, never ending. I could not bear it, my tiny body shaking … Continue reading

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rises with the moon sets with the sun weaving patterns of love….. deep purple, violet blue,red hearts burn hot in the night bodies move under the stars in slow rhythm with the universe mornings slick dew, shimmers with stars light … Continue reading

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not everything needs a name

meet me at the river after the flooding has passed, the muddy banks, virgin once again we will watch the sunset the ducks heading to shore as the waves turn purple and pink let us have a tea party with … Continue reading

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Sacred Heart

In my sacred heart rubys form within flesh where the blood rolls like tears.

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Her laughter Resonates

deep within the forest her laughter resonates colors of gold and silver surround her her beauty wrapped in a haze of green she melts into the misty landscape Oh Queen of the summer fey you call those that wander in … Continue reading

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