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Another Kind of Book

The cover of darkness held you for a reason fighting the light away What is more painful than fearing life or more hurtful than being permeated by fright To choose numbness as a shelter a self-made guardian an angel saviour … Continue reading

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Apologies for not visiting for so long. Had stopped writing for a while, and well I’m back now. Will leave comments on other writers’ posts very soon. ~*~*~ The demons of our past stand naked, Running free through the fields … Continue reading

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Unfathomable Darkness

~*~*~ I am the darkness, the darkness me, What no light can pierce for all of eternity… ‘Twas but a silent song I sung with eloquence that night, Which brought with it unrequited love, And the will to give up … Continue reading

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The Eyes of a Witch

Many decades of year passed by as if a minute gone by and I yet to open my eyes to see this sinful world I used to see the nights of beautiful moon the seasons of the world and that … Continue reading

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Death Is Never Scary

It is not a scary thing to be afraid of for it comes only once in a lifetime Do not fear it and welcome it with open arms for it is a moment that you can put everything behind and … Continue reading

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~*~*~ The bells ring in the distance, Night has fallen. The moon plays hide and seek With the whimsical clouds. A howl can be heard, Shattering the silence. As the rays of the silvery orb Fall softly to the ground. … Continue reading

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