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Happy Halloween My Undead Lovelies!

“Play With Me” In the basement Down the hall I keep a door, a secret wall At the stroke of midnight When the rats come out to play Its where I like to steal away In a pot Thick as … Continue reading

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The hole engulfs, more easily than a gravediggers shovel. Grass gone. Soil tilled, ready for the bounty. Dirt rains in blocking a view of the sun. Buried, and finally, needed rest comes. False alarm. Ejection. Back into the sunlight. Warmth … Continue reading

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What Would It Be Like?

Have you ever wondered, What things would look like, If we actually opened our eyes? Have you ever thought about, What life could be like, If we were honest with our tries? Because I’m honestly sick, Of being told I’m … Continue reading

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Children Of The Fae

Posted on October 14, 2010 by Cassiopeia Rises they dance beneath the moon children of the forest round and round their circle grows their voices echo high and sweet chanting spell that bind the heart growing bright in the setting … Continue reading

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Werewolf ABCs

So again, I am cross-posting from my blog, but I felt it appropriate… My Vampire ABCs were so popular, I thought I’d go ahead and write the sequel for you all. Werewolf ABCs A is for Abs, again it’s a must. … Continue reading

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Psychotic’s Mountain Retreat – a pantoum

In fading light, bright corners darken. Silence replaces old echoes so I tread softly. Bright corners darken, the floorboards squeak. I tread softly. The mountain wind stirs and the floorboards squeak with bestial scraping. The mountain wind stirs and the … Continue reading

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Floating above the clouds, Lightheaded, blurred vision. The pain was numbed out of existence, Though a dull ache lives on, Pounding its way to the surface, Only to be pushed back by the pills. Like floating underwater, Hearing distorted, nay, … Continue reading

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