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Lisa Gail Green would definitely have a werewolf for a pet if she weren't allergic. Visit her at to learn more about SOUL CROSSED (Feb. 25, 2015) and her other work.

Alone At Night

Shadows shift and slither coiling in endless empty corners like phantom snakes The nonexistent breeze breathes and the curtains billow slightly outward whispering a promise The skin on the back of my neck tingles every hair standing on end because … Continue reading

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Werewolf ABCs

So again, I am cross-posting from my blog, but I felt it appropriate… My Vampire ABCs were so popular, I thought I’d go ahead and write the sequel for you all. Werewolf ABCs A is for Abs, again it’s a must. … Continue reading

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Haiku for Banned Book Week

Godzilla, King Kong, Grendel, Wolfman, Dracula, and those who ban books.

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Zombie Haiku: The Zombie Leader’s Perspective

Stumble toward the flesh Brainless is as brainless does Falls on the hatchet Stupid zombie klutz And there goes another one good thing there are more

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Friday the 13th Haiku

Friday the thirteenth You have stolen the thunder from the true terror. The danger comes when you least expect it to pounce you think you can breathe. But the true villain is Saturday the fourteenth. You thought you were safe..

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Vampire ABCs

Okay, so I posted this on my blog today, but thought it belonged here too.  Even Kindergarten girls should be prepared to the reality of dating vampires… THE VAMPIRE ABCs A is for Abs, absolutely a must, how else can … Continue reading

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The Rock

It’s been a while since I’ve posted , sorry.  *blushes* But to make up for it I’m sharing/publishing a poem I wrote for my grandmother who passed away at the age of 96 this past summer.  It was read at … Continue reading

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Senyru Poetry Challenge

Tim – I love it!!  Here goes mine.. Normal: The sun slips through sky, ruby red clouds all around, breathtaking beauty. Undead style: The sun slips through sky, blood red clouds reflect the ground, struggle for last breath.

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Wednesday Challenge

Okay – here goes nothing! The Dream To float upon the idle current, adrift along a summer’s breeze, like feather soft and whisper silent, without care or plot to seize. Slipping past the sunlit forest, that dances on the moss … Continue reading

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7X7 Against the Rules

Anticipation speeds breath, feel the tingle spread through skin from the first forbidden touch. Bodies melt together.  Heat. Ecstasy erupts inside. Claims my body, blinds my mind. No future.  No past. Just now.

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