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Senyru challenge

Normal: Shells crunch, starfish crawl I run, and ducks flutter off My hometown is the same Undead Shell burst tears bodies I run and duck past debris My hometown has changed

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“Woeful Wednesday” Zombie Challenge

Wow! We had some outstandingly undead zombikus and zombinaccis! Thank you to everyone for playing.

(Undead)Kudos to you all!

Rhyme on!
(Thus spake the Undead) Continue reading

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Zombie Haiku

Walk the undead world, Rotting flesh inching closer, Brains, they want more brains!

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Zombies walk the earth In all their undead gory Um…I mean glory

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Zombie Haiku: Hungry

Arising from depths Where the dead dream and worms crawl Snack stalking zombie

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Zombie Haiku Challenge

Airborne zombie plague Higher brain functions shut down Mega-dittoes, Rush!

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Zombiku: The Apocalypse

 Restless, the dead wake Come to feast, come to prey, and You are not prepared

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