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Alone At Night

Shadows shift and slither coiling in endless empty corners like phantom snakes The nonexistent breeze breathes and the curtains billow slightly outward whispering a promise The skin on the back of my neck tingles every hair standing on end because … Continue reading

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Flying Free on the Wings of Time

If you rush through Life, Moments will pass by in a blur; If you take things too slowly, You will miss the Moments. Like a Photograph Life is all about being in the Moment: Perfect Rhythm of Space. Timing. Serendipity. … Continue reading

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She came in Chartreuse fluffy boots, Licked the smile across Her face, then flicked her bangs, sashayed and sauntered strode and fluttered until she Licked some guys with Her fists Later in the Parking lot. With good Reason, given their … Continue reading

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Broken ~   I want to hate you   I want to forget you   You have no right to my love   You have no right to my tears       You filled my heart with life   … Continue reading

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Hope Hope is a green blade of grass in a hot desert Resilience is a daisy blooming in the tread of Fate’s footpath Faith is absorbing every bit of moisture Life is to keep growing But Love is the unseen … Continue reading

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