#undeadpoets FAQ

What is #undeadpoets?

1. #undeadpoets is a hashtag.

2. #undeadpoets is a “slow” chat; i.e. you’re not expected to stay tuned-in constantly. The chat happens in the background of your writing day (primarily, Wednesdays – as in, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”). It is a virtual sidewalk cafe for poets, a place you can chill out (with your coffee and beignet) and talk to other poets about your current poetry projects (and theirs) and then you get back to work. (There are many talented and wildly creative UndeadPoetsTM who post here.)

3. #undeadpoets is one of many writing hashtags. @inkyelbows keeps a great list and she also provides information about chat clients that might be helpful to you.


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