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An Artist’s Repose – flash poem

Silver mirrors slice the ice-like eyes my lover hides behind as she draws in ink, a bloody river sluicing out my memories and breath like slicked oil painted in cerulean and cobalt tears with slivers from my limbic, a system … Continue reading

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Margo’s full moon flash haiku

This is my answer to Tim’s full-moon continuation challenge. Thanks, Tim! ___________________ Cover me now, dear, My appetite must not know What surely it craves Want you and now, dear To devour with every sense Lest I am contained ___________________ … Continue reading

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Flash Haiku for Full Moon (Continuation Challenge)

(Undead)Poet, Lisa Gail Green started this Haiku-stream with the following Haiku:

Full moon pulls the tide
the beast pulses deep inside
rips through will not hide

She and (Undead)Poet Margo Gremmler thought it might be cool to continue the theme, so I am turning it into a challenge. Please add your continuation (i.e. next stanza) Flash Haiku in the comments. Let’s see how long this puppy will go! (For those who may wonder what we mean by “flash”, it is your first rough draft – bam! – just put it out there; don’t fuss over it, don’t edit it. Just be the Haiku…) Continue reading

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Remain Calm – Flash Pantoum

Remain Calm __________ In event of emergency do not use elevators barricade yourself in and prepare to fight do not use elevator retrieve your personal belongings and prepare to fight as the horde rises retrieve your personal belongings grab makeshift … Continue reading

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Medusa, Medusa – flash poem

Medusa, Medusa I sure could use a cup of your treasure, stroke me and stoke me fire me, brand me use me, abuse me and turn me to stone -Sean Monaghan

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“Flash-Poem” Challenge

I would like to challenge the ranks of my (undead)poet friends, out there, to write some “Flash-Poetry.” Continue reading

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“Flash-Poem” (on the fly…)

Ok, in true (undead)fashion, I am going to create a (probably bad) “flash-poem” (if there is such a term – if not, you heard it coined hear first, folks) right now, on the fly. Continue reading

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