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Woeful Wednesday challenge: Classic Undead

Coffee with my dad The summer sun melts my chai My dad’s on the phone. My mind slips away on this steamy day. Daydreams dance with decadence To tales of horror Death, decay: where zombie’s rise Jane Austen’s surprise! * I wrote … Continue reading

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A little “Woeful Wednesday” Zombie Challenge fun…

Since it is Woeful Wednesday, how about a challenge? Our theme for the day will be Zombies.
Create and post your own Zombiku (A Zombie Haiku) or Zombinacci (A Zombie Fibonacci Sequence Poem) Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Haiku-thanks

Reading your haikus
Gives me shivers unnumbered
Thank you all for that


Rhyme on!
(Thus haiku’d the Undead.) Continue reading

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Friday the 13h Haiku – Ratsel

Knocks on door Shivers down the spine Fear is nigh Blood will rain Tonight, Friday the 13th Undead shall rise

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A Friday (the 13th) in Verse – Haiku Challenge

Hello my Undead lovelies!

Today is Friday the 13th, and in honor of its momentousness, I am challenging you to create a Friday the 13th Haiku. It can have one stanza or many, but must be about, and relating to, Friday the 13th.

Here is my offering: Continue reading

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Wednesday Poetry Challenge

Since I am going to the woods “to live deliberately” (at least for a few days), I thought I would leave you with a Challenge; something that might keep you from getting into trouble… 😉
I would like you to write something in the style of an early 19th century Romantic poet; you know, Keats, Byron, Shelley, etc. Your choice – doesn’t have to be in anyone’s actual style, just make it sound otherworldly and romantic.
It doesn’t have to be a flash; you can take your time. I have flashed out an example opening stanza of what I am describing, thusly:

In woodland vale and faerie glen,
With hornèd brow, and manner keen,
Great Cernunnos, beheld I then,
With Nymphs and Dryads was he seen.

I think you get the idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Rhyme on! Continue reading

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NaiSaiKu Challenge- The Mystery of Life.

anxious mother , lost… walk, run, trembling with fear… missing child, frantic ANXIOUS MOTHER, LOST… missing child, frantic walk, run, trembling with fear… anxious mother , lost… Rainy Days, Monsoon? Muddy, Wet , Despair, Lost Hope…. Life Miseries, Pray…. LIFE … Continue reading

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