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Fog Mist Shadow Morning shroud Cloaks the familiar Makes mysterious the common Streets transform into paths of ghostly apparitions Monstrous forms materialize Luminous eyes share Through gloom Mist Fog

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Seattle Summer

Rain Clouds Drizzle Sun breaks through Heating up the day Clear blue skies, warm temperatures Summer was nice this year, glad it was on a weekend Clouds gather in late afternoon Muting the sunset Gray morning Showers Clouds Rain

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Summer’s End Part 4 of 5

Empty by Andrew Viertel Pool Blue Sparkles Summer days Carefree bronzed bodies Splashing, playing, laughing, joyful Summer revelry fades to autumn’s melancholy Cloudy, rainy, windy, chilling Sweaters and jackets Silence falls Empty Gray Pool

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It’s All in How You Look at It

Yes A Marriage Is far from Easy, at times you’ll Both plan the death of the other Just think, at least you are still doing stuff together

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Summer Day Fibonacci

Sun Light Blazing Beating down Travels ‘cross the sky Westering sun sets sky ablaze Twilight descends over the sweltering cityscape Mercury slowly starts descent Sleep without blankets Marine layer Dawn Clouds Cool Drizzle Quenches earth Apollo rides forth Quiet gray … Continue reading

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Full Circle (Flash Fib)

Full Circle

in keeping with tradition grand
my life must be found
to contain
peace and
thus it
may begin
to seem like something
worth living and surviving for

I suppose I should have added that this was posted for One Stop Poetry’s One Shot Wednesday. You should check them out.

Rhyme on! Continue reading

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Verdigris, Ocular – Fibonacci poem

Her eyes, green drills, twist inside, hollow out my mind eviserate, and enthrall me __________ Sean Monaghan

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A (flash)Fib for the Venus Vulture

Sean Monaghan, a talented
guy who “Fibs” quite well
is indeed
more than
Vulture who
in the midst of life
can startle and surprise you yet. Continue reading

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A (flash)Fib for Gally

The poet, Christine “Gally” Lines
Enjoys a short “Fib”
A new style
How she
Sees the truth
In print, before her very eyes. Continue reading

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Wednesday’s #undeadpoets Challenge “Cleave-Fib”

Today’s challenge poetic is to write a “Cleave-Fib” (a term I just coined). This will entail writing two Fibonacci sequence poems of (o),1,1,2,3,5,8 for a total of 20 syllables each (a “Fib”), and then joining then as a Cleave poem, where the two poems become a third poem. Continue reading

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