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I came to the desert, to find the ghosts here were not mine. The streets were pure, the sand bleached clean. Too soon I watched the lighthouse crumble, as I walked a street strewn with red feathers. Clockwork scorpions crawled … Continue reading

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An Organ Donor On Ice

Your very own words fuck you, like you’re drunk on formaldehyde live tissue covering a worthless heart drowning in vague images and tv reruns of a single night that has lasted your entire urban legend. Do you even remember the … Continue reading

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The hole engulfs, more easily than a gravediggers shovel. Grass gone. Soil tilled, ready for the bounty. Dirt rains in blocking a view of the sun. Buried, and finally, needed rest comes. False alarm. Ejection. Back into the sunlight. Warmth … Continue reading

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Apologies for not visiting for so long. Had stopped writing for a while, and well I’m back now. Will leave comments on other writers’ posts very soon. ~*~*~ The demons of our past stand naked, Running free through the fields … Continue reading

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The Curtain Of Your Being

My hands open the curtains of your being I have loved you long these many years Our hearts entwined, growing together I have memorized the touch of your fragrant silken skin Each curve a tender path that I must travel … Continue reading

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Unfathomable Darkness

~*~*~ I am the darkness, the darkness me, What no light can pierce for all of eternity… ‘Twas but a silent song I sung with eloquence that night, Which brought with it unrequited love, And the will to give up … Continue reading

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Waking Sleep

your side of the bed was cold when i woke up today i reached over for the reassurance of your hand and grabbed only sheets i didn’t want to open my eyes because then i would have to see the … Continue reading

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