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Jealous… (U-N-Death Love 2 hate me)

cant help how I feel green like leaves, hanging onto every move you make — wishing to be the one you loved not the memory shoved away…. Poets Note: sorry I have a thing for alternative titles…

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[UN] Hopeless Romantic [DEAD]

My life like death are the same. Still. Empty. No hope of love finding me…

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Slightly dead (under the Sun)…

beneath the suns rays I’ve been kissed by life! wondering what tomorrow may hold. with this pen I spill words over lines because tomorrow has yet to be told I can no longer wonder what it may hold and bring today is … Continue reading

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I came to the desert, to find the ghosts here were not mine. The streets were pure, the sand bleached clean. Too soon I watched the lighthouse crumble, as I walked a street strewn with red feathers. Clockwork scorpions crawled … Continue reading

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Fog Mist Shadow Morning shroud Cloaks the familiar Makes mysterious the common Streets transform into paths of ghostly apparitions Monstrous forms materialize Luminous eyes share Through gloom Mist Fog

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Victims together

I saw marks on her legs, knew I was not alone. Too dull blades birthing bright blood, checkerboard scars on dull pale flesh. Moans, once cries, now sanitized to hide forced shame.

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Breakers at Westport

This is a repost from my blog, “Great” Thoughts. Line after frothy line, Rank after foamy rank, Armies from over the distant horizon Storming the beach Charging ashore, advancing  then retreating Only to advance again and again A little farther each time before … Continue reading

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