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[UN] Hopeless Romantic [DEAD]

My life like death are the same. Still. Empty. No hope of love finding me…

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Slightly dead (under the Sun)…

beneath the suns rays I’ve been kissed by life! wondering what tomorrow may hold. with this pen I spill words over lines because tomorrow has yet to be told I can no longer wonder what it may hold and bring today is … Continue reading

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Victims together

I saw marks on her legs, knew I was not alone. Too dull blades birthing bright blood, checkerboard scars on dull pale flesh. Moans, once cries, now sanitized to hide forced shame.

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Emotions at Tide

Undisturbed turbulence veiled by a calm tranquility, Unleashed by the Earth’s might Let its Spirit enfold; Strange yet magnificent in its complexity Known to change the essence of the mould. The placidity, complex in the very simplicity Known to affect … Continue reading

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The hole engulfs, more easily than a gravediggers shovel. Grass gone. Soil tilled, ready for the bounty. Dirt rains in blocking a view of the sun. Buried, and finally, needed rest comes. False alarm. Ejection. Back into the sunlight. Warmth … Continue reading

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Her Dance Card

With each pirouette They shift shadows with Low eyes And She dances Through Death

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Death may put fear in the eyes of many but it intrigue me to go deeper into obsession with death and his mate Ars Moriendi Into a world of death The art of dying To die well and ascend to … Continue reading

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