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Don’t cry for me when I’m gone…

Don’t cry for me when I’m gone I loved you with all my heart I tried to make your world brighter But may be its tough chance You may not see what’s in front of you But you would see … Continue reading

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silver mirror’s glow heart’s light highways of longing love’s unmatched beauty did you see the moon? my gaze reflected to you moonlight hugs to you did you feel my love? moving as water would flow seeking your capture did you … Continue reading

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Leanan Sidhe

queen of the Fae lingers in the forests shadows her voice as sweet as honey she is compelling and so deadly singing to all that are lost in the corpse once so fair of face and form, now is black … Continue reading

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Funny (Undead)Comic

An Undead Poet-type of comic. Continue reading

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One Last Thought

I’m far too afraid, That you’re missing the point. And I’m not so sure, That you understand a thing. I’ve been talking for hours, And you’ve yet to notice, I haven’t said a word, About what was addressed, When we … Continue reading

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Beer, blessed beer, How I yearn for you; Your cold touch, Your stiff stare, Your libatious kiss. You never question my loyalty, Even when I drink from another. I love you Beer. If I could fit A diamond ring around … Continue reading

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Oops…I did It again

I woke with a twinge on the inside of my arm And the night flashed across my morning In the bathroom, just like that I did it again And I dreamt of the abscence of scars of no fear or lies … Continue reading

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theres a highway in my mind a place where unconscious insects punctuate the pavement while intrepid tyre marks show me where the voices become giddy and abruptly pause   often we’re the collar-ed           caffeinated showered           shaved brazen           … Continue reading

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Sinuous silky movement Easily ripens all Desire doth reign Under palm leaves Captive who dare Tiger of lust Invades all mankind Over coming them None are spared

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My Hearts Aches

“my heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my senses” oh why did not my foolish eyes see not see his love deep in those bright blue eyes his smile lighting the world around me why did I draw away … Continue reading

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