Another Kind of Book

The cover of darkness held you for a reason
fighting the light away
What is more painful than fearing life
or more hurtful than being permeated by fright
To choose numbness as a shelter
a self-made guardian
an angel saviour
yet with no emotions
To be trapped within the icy mirror of memories
To yearn the non-existence above all
yet pouring the words of power
into another kind of book
To send it through time
through space
sacrificing the own happiness
enduring the pain
bearing the solitude
To invite
calling with a voice that only one can hear
and follow the road that should be followed

About Eclipse

Photographer & Artist
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1 Response to Another Kind of Book

  1. poesravenlady says:

    “… only one can hear” … so lonesome, so isolated. Nicely done.

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