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Tatiana’s Fancy

he knows me well this boy,this child wandering through my realm for he dares to call my name I seek him now,his mortal soul and the ripeness of his lips come now my little one my own oh lie with … Continue reading

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wait. wait. wait. ok go…

“never you mind” did it to myself; didn’t wait for nothin’. masterful to conquer the healing-process; if only a few hours atatime.

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Dark Dreams

look, look deep into your eyes behind the color blue rimed with darkness a nebula world, one few know few care, few will ever see in twilight, your eyes open letting in the nights shadows shadows that fill you shadows … Continue reading

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Haiku for Banned Book Week

Godzilla, King Kong, Grendel, Wolfman, Dracula, and those who ban books.

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Was I wrong?

I thought you knew me better Better than many other I thought you understood me Understood me better I thought we had a bond A bond with trust and faith I thought I don’t have to explain That you would … Continue reading

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castigated reality…

“early” with just enough light coming from the stars to read by, it ceases to matter what the clock has to say. this cop-out-excuse pulls me out of another formless nightmare to shuffle around a proto-morning, impersonating dawn in technicolor. … Continue reading

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Nightmares Flee

Whispers in the night, Fill the room with fright. Hold me still, protect me, Make these nightmares flee. I can not hold my head up, To look you in the eye. I can not close my eyes, And promise not … Continue reading

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Red Roses

come lie red roses upon my breast wet with dew and tears kiss my lips one more time before you leave my heart then cover me gently in autumns sheets

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Speak But My Name

speak but my name my life will have meaning speak but my name love will come full turn speak but my name on a full moons night speak but my name and forget me not whisper it softly when the … Continue reading

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To Hide Away

Wandering down bleak corridors an old guest in empty ballrooms search search where a place to hide hide myself away Pain shame my companion shadows each step as I flounder,stray down down… leave me… you are not my love my … Continue reading

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