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About Cassiopeia Rises

I am an artist and a poet writing and living in NYC.

The Illiminati

Illuminati by Beloved49 Illuminati Templar Knight’s of old sworn to secrecy enlighten men so bold perfect circle never ends ILLUMINATI perfect circle never ends enlighten men so bold sworn to secrecy Templar knights of old

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Dark Dreams

look, look deep into your eyes behind the color blue ______rimed with darkness a nebula world, one few know few care, few will ever see in twilight, your eyes open letting in the nights shadows _______shadows that fill you shadows … Continue reading

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The Threshold

the threshold none can cross invited you must be all things of darkness cannot pass shadows of the fallen  long ago they rage and scream in silence withering swaying back and forth but none can enter uninvited for the threshold … Continue reading

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In The Garden

an apple once picked long ago in summer by her hand she must know knowledge within darkness fills the world

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Sweet Lily

  new roman;”> wearing but a woven crown of pale lilies her blacken skin slick with sweat glistens, a mirror without an image each movement, each step silent her body tense, she pauses…listening intently to the sounds around her garnet … Continue reading

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Incubus Grows

Green shoots everywhere Earth yawns and stirs Meadows full with daffodil’s In out of cement gardens Nature will push pavement aside Incubus grows unnoticed in shadows

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The Key Hole

We would peek through the keyhole when we heard that sound. The sound of hand meeting skin and bone. The screams, the pleas the cries, the moans. Never ending, never ending. I could not bear it, my tiny body shaking … Continue reading

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