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Kia Kaha ~ Stand Strong

May your strength and hope shine through and may it be a beacon to the rest of us. May God be with you all. May the Lord still the earth beneath your feet. May He strengthen your foundations. May those … Continue reading

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A flash of God

I’m home, watching tv when out the window for an instance i glance at a particular shade of tree and an awareness so strange promptly takes hold of me Like i’m a part of it sucked in, right at the … Continue reading

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Fallen Angel

I used to be the most wonderful thing that amaze the eyes of Heaven so loved by God himself and lead Hell to its jealousy of desiring me Everything change I been wondering if it is because I love God … Continue reading

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Unseen Presence

Unseen Presence-by Frances Ayers When life becomes hurried and choices are unclear, there is an unseen Presence who will surely get us there. We may not reach our destiny,at our chosen time but there is someone wiser whose help we’ll … Continue reading

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When My Open Spaces Are Walled-In

* The Wednesday challenge carried me the way of the sonnet When walls break into my open spaces, and my pen runs dry as my heart within blood nor ink could fill infinite vases, and my heart knows more walls … Continue reading

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