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Illusion is a beautiful flower

Illusion is a beautiful flower, one that blooms on hope and despair. It draws you in, gently, suddenly you are lost in its beauty, senses trapped beneath a veil of deceit. A bewitching mirage, which fools those that answer only … Continue reading

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Scarlet festival

Midnight descends upon us darkness embrace your cold body your last verses resonate in my mind a poem of sorrow your blood flows so beautifully a scarlet festival I wanted to ruin you to bring you with me to the … Continue reading

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I am nothing

I am nothing. Even if I don’t move, the world will still shift, the wind will still blow, time will still roll. I am but a single feather, unable to fly on its own, fated to fall slowly towards the … Continue reading

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You’re the Wind

When the wind blows – the grass cannot keep her place. To the strongest fire – the wind gives it unbelievable strenght. To me – you are the wind. When you pass – I cannot keep my place. Right away, … Continue reading

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We, who are one

Tell me – will you not that we are meant to be – together, as one, Forever – in love Hold me – will you not So that we – who are one – can be together – Always… So … Continue reading

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A solitude that never walks away

Hiding in plain sight, you cannot see yet it is always there, a solitude that never walks away will always be by your side. It does not matter whether happiness is there today or tomorrow it will be – when … Continue reading

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