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In dew dropped blue grass I stand Waving; Rolling Hills in the Palm of My Hand

Sacred Heart

In my sacred heart rubys form within flesh where the blood rolls like tears.

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Her Dance Card

With each pirouette They shift shadows with Low eyes And She dances Through Death

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The Dark Tower

Is there anyway to go forward… when you turn back, trying with scratching, hooked nails to live saturated in the same redundant realm. You climb that dark tower on the wheel that spins endlessly; erasing the truth as you crack … Continue reading

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Woeful Wednesday challenge: Classic Undead

Coffee with my dad The summer sun melts my chai My dad’s on the phone. My mind slips away on this steamy day. Daydreams dance with decadence To tales of horror Death, decay: where zombie’s rise Jane Austen’s surprise! * I wrote … Continue reading

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Oops…I did It again

I woke with a twinge on the inside of my arm And the night flashed across my morning In the bathroom, just like that I did it again And I dreamt of the abscence of scars of no fear or lies … Continue reading

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