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An Honest Haiku (flash)

It’s love I love; It’s Lust I lust. It’s not you; Not yet.

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Images from Twin Ponds Park

Golden hued sunlight Daylight’s waning minutes fade Shine on still waters   Ducklings and mother Swim through sun-dappled waters Beneath verdant leaves.   Slanted trunk, strong limbs Shelter at the water’s edge Place of summer dreams.  

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Sacred Heart

In my sacred heart rubys form within flesh where the blood rolls like tears.

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Three Poems of Spring

Leaving Work In February Dark skies and headlights  no longer mark existence in Five O’clock World. ******* Naked Limbs Even under a blanket of clouds Daylight is unmistakable. Naked limbs are silouettes Stark against a pink horizon. ******* The Stage Still Winter holds the … Continue reading

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Her Dance Card

With each pirouette They shift shadows with Low eyes And She dances Through Death

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Zombie Haiku

Walk the undead world, Rotting flesh inching closer, Brains, they want more brains!

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Zombies walk the earth In all their undead gory Um…I mean glory

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Zombie Haiku: Hungry

Arising from depths Where the dead dream and worms crawl Snack stalking zombie

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Zombie Haiku Challenge

Airborne zombie plague Higher brain functions shut down Mega-dittoes, Rush!

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dark! i hunt zombies one zombie has a soul patch he’s my first target

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