Down To The Sea In Sorrow

Posted on August 6, 2010 by Cassiopeia Rises

Down to the sea in sorrow she walked…
obsessed with the black glacial ocean.
She circled the cold wet rocky sand
walking deeper and deeper into the outgoing tide.
With each wave her steps washed away forever.
The dark depths called out to her…
Some thought her mad…those without feeling and pity

others whom had walked her walk knew the hot pain of loss.
Some wondered for what she searched,
was it the echo of the mighty humpbacked whales
that sing their haunting song of love as they swam the shoreline.
Alone standing in the twilight,she could hear their lament
She turned as her shadows that ever followed
call softly…fear not the sea it is your lover
he has returned and waits for you…deep amid the waves.
She looked back once more, then walked in to the ocean’s arms
his arms, for it was here the sea had claimed him.
Drowning in want and need…she answered his call

down to the black sea
forever trapped in sorrow
her heart searched for him

About Cassiopeia Rises

I am an artist and a poet writing and living in NYC.
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7 Responses to Down To The Sea In Sorrow

  1. Rätsel Ewig says:

    Great writing. I love how its written so freely with such deep meaning.

  2. Kavita says:

    This was so sad …but lovely…
    I hope she found him there… at least that would be some consolation…
    A beautiful poem…

  3. Wonderfully written, the sorrow flow deeply in my heart:)

  4. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Thank you all for reading my poem. Your comments me a great deal to me
    Thanks once again:
    Gally Lines


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