Within the Vampire.

In the breaking of the dawn I will have died
My cold arms still wrapped around you
My heart beat slows to flow of the tide
My energies soft and subdued
Lay your burdens on me
And the world will worship at your feet
My soul is as infinite as the sea
I am what makes a heart complete.

Bare it
Share it,
I just don’t care it
feels so good here, wrapped in your fire can’t you
Sense my desire, lover, master, please take me then
Suck me up inside your glory hole all over again
Fuck you, suck you, stain you, drain you
Stick it inside you, drip dry you
I want to live inside your walls of abuse.
I’ve been taken, mistaken, awakened…
Shown the errors of my ways to quicken
Stick it in so velvety chocolate smooth.
I think I belong to you…

Lost in the staring eyes
lack of compromise
and the senseless sin
Carving within
A threat on your skin
I cannot compose
What has so quickly arose
As I find I must lie
A small inclination to die
That all would be better then
Take her away from me
Hide your heart from me
You will soon see
what it is to feel yours atrophy
Just like me.

A test is not always best
When lack of rest
Defines conquest
Makes a mess
I confess.
Why is it that I could never see
How you view me
Before I was free?
State your case
And turn to face
the past you’ve erased.
Take my place.

I’ll fall forever if I fell with you
it’s true
For you
I will do
Whatever you ask me to
And in the evening’s twilight
I’ll find your light
Crush it into me
Become me
I see
You and Me

I can’t just hate indiscriminately
no, each of them has done something to me
I have nowhere left to hide
No friend safe in which to confide
Watch it now, or you will see
You’re getting rained on by the dark cloud over me.

Indeed I will
And I shall
Make my kill
And love your hell
Can you see
the hole I live in
Can you not sense
the unforgiven
Kiss my hand
as you slit my wrists
Death eternal
is better than this.


About M.

Roman. Vampire.
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6 Responses to Within the Vampire.

  1. Tim Keeton says:


    I am so glad you finally shared this with the rest of us Undead…

    You are truly an Undead Poet.

    Rhyme on!
    ab aeterno
    (Thus spake the Undead.)

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  3. Mama Zen says:

    Seriously intense!

  4. This poem really drew me in. Very graphic; it hooks you. Love the pace too.

  5. Kavita says:

    Whoa!! An amazing read!!
    For some reason, I was totally reminded of Metallica’s Until It Sleeps…
    Pheeww!! Brilliant!! Some strong emotions in there…

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