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A little “Woeful Wednesday” Zombie Challenge fun…

Since it is Woeful Wednesday, how about a challenge? Our theme for the day will be Zombies.
Create and post your own Zombiku (A Zombie Haiku) or Zombinacci (A Zombie Fibonacci Sequence Poem) Continue reading

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iZombie – flash poem

The apocalypse will be presented in stunning 3D, at a theater near you* The apocalypse will be available through Skype. Please contact your service provider. The apocalypse will be available on YouTube. Please ensure your account is current The apocalypse … Continue reading

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Remain Calm – Flash Pantoum

Remain Calm __________ In event of emergency do not use elevators barricade yourself in and prepare to fight do not use elevator retrieve your personal belongings and prepare to fight as the horde rises retrieve your personal belongings grab makeshift … Continue reading

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