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By a Thread

Watch the spider hang Precariously alone Far from home, its web On a single thread No control of wind and rain Blown by a dark storm Raindrops creating black holes Tears the fragile web Which keeps secure the spider The … Continue reading

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Images from Twin Ponds Park

Golden hued sunlight Daylight’s waning minutes fade Shine on still waters   Ducklings and mother Swim through sun-dappled waters Beneath verdant leaves.   Slanted trunk, strong limbs Shelter at the water’s edge Place of summer dreams.  

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This Little Child

I knew a little girl a lifetime ago She loved to dance. Would play all day. No worries would abound to ruin her smile Her laughter could enlighten anyone’s vile. I knew her for years, watched her flourish Gave her … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day: Of course You Would Call

So guarded, I answered the phone as it was mother’s special day not yet a word since you have flown did that incident made you grow? all was well you threw that stone decided to leave me alone with knarly … Continue reading

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An Organ Donor On Ice

Your very own words fuck you, like you’re drunk on formaldehyde live tissue covering a worthless heart drowning in vague images and tv reruns of a single night that has lasted your entire urban legend. Do you even remember the … Continue reading

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not everything needs a name

meet me at the river after the flooding has passed, the muddy banks, virgin once again we will watch the sunset the ducks heading to shore as the waves turn purple and pink let us have a tea party with … Continue reading

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Cemetery Of Books

The book was thick and black covered with dust and cob webs as were the others in this cemetery of once remembered now lost books. He was allowed to take but one of the thousands surrounding him. As he touch … Continue reading

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