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Another Night of Nosebleed

I see the stain on the pillow from another night of nosebleed. A bruise on my shin from atrophied balance meeting the bedpost says good morning. Straw like hair creeps back. Evidenced by strands littering my bedsheets, shining silver where … Continue reading

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Originally Posted As : Examination in Ash Bee Zone’s Blog It’s getting too Damn Hard to bear. Those days are coming near and near, As It’s The Worstest Days of The Year, And your Heart just trembles with fear !! … Continue reading

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.. The Grief ..

Originally Posted As : The GRIEF in Ash Bee Zone’s Blog Yo!! Every day and night I always keep on Dreaming, Just to hide the damn fact Which I don’t want to believe in, I can’t take this anymore Coz’ … Continue reading

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The hole engulfs, more easily than a gravediggers shovel. Grass gone. Soil tilled, ready for the bounty. Dirt rains in blocking a view of the sun. Buried, and finally, needed rest comes. False alarm. Ejection. Back into the sunlight. Warmth … Continue reading

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To Sleep in a Cradle of Ticking Hands

This house has swallowed me whole and I keep waiting to be spat out for the bitter taste I leave behind but, here I am still heaving myself off the mattress. My hip moans a reminder of how fucking old … Continue reading

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Death may put fear in the eyes of many but it intrigue me to go deeper into obsession with death and his mate Ars Moriendi Into a world of death The art of dying To die well and ascend to … Continue reading

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Illusion is a beautiful flower

Illusion is a beautiful flower, one that blooms on hope and despair. It draws you in, gently, suddenly you are lost in its beauty, senses trapped beneath a veil of deceit. A bewitching mirage, which fools those that answer only … Continue reading

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