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Zombie Haiku: Hungry

Arising from depths Where the dead dream and worms crawl Snack stalking zombie Advertisements

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Zombie Haiku Challenge

Airborne zombie plague Higher brain functions shut down Mega-dittoes, Rush!

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dark! i hunt zombies one zombie has a soul patch he’s my first target

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Woeful Wednesday challenge: Classic Undead

Coffee with my dad The summer sun melts my chai My dad’s on the phone. My mind slips away on this steamy day. Daydreams dance with decadence To tales of horror Death, decay: where zombie’s rise Jane Austen’s surprise! * I wrote … Continue reading

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silver mirror’s glow heart’s light highways of longing love’s unmatched beauty did you see the moon? my gaze reflected to you moonlight hugs to you did you feel my love? moving as water would flow seeking your capture did you … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th – Haiku challenge

It shone like crystal Drawing him to the shores end To its beginning Magnificent jewels Cloaked him before they noticed He left them. For now. They didn’t take the plunge But they sure as hell would now Mum made sure … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Haiku-thanks

Reading your haikus
Gives me shivers unnumbered
Thank you all for that


Rhyme on!
(Thus haiku’d the Undead.) Continue reading

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