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The Dark Tower

Is there anyway to go forward… when you turn back, trying with scratching, hooked nails to live saturated in the same redundant realm. You climb that dark tower on the wheel that spins endlessly; erasing the truth as you crack … Continue reading

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Scarlet festival

Midnight descends upon us darkness embrace your cold body your last verses resonate in my mind a poem of sorrow your blood flows so beautifully a scarlet festival I wanted to ruin you to bring you with me to the … Continue reading

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Woeful Wednesday challenge: Classic Undead

Coffee with my dad The summer sun melts my chai My dad’s on the phone. My mind slips away on this steamy day. Daydreams dance with decadence To tales of horror Death, decay: where zombie’s rise Jane Austen’s surprise! * I wrote … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Act…

The man’s breathing had grown labored. That was to be expected, and so it was. The man of five foot six had grown larger than life – accomplished in what he set out to do. Just like a real man … Continue reading

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The Dream

Last night I saw myself  in a dream Where I was dead and my spirit wandered  To see, You were laughing with others, Seated right in front of my cold coffin….

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Pretend You Are Dead

I pretend you are dead to get away from your memory. Your beauty has burned its image into my brain. Your power and your presence has marked me. I obsess over them until I am insane. I take trips and … Continue reading

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Dead Stump

Dead Stump Standing Sentinel Guards tree that once was Fungi break down, consuming wood Moss and lichen drape the stump; a green burial shroud A seed alights atop the stump Roots dig into dead wood Growth begins Sapling Grows Life … Continue reading

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