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Final results for Flash Full Moon Haiku Challenge

OK, ok…this started with a “Full Moon” Haiku by LisaGailGreen. Then, MargoGremmler and LisaGail thought it might be cool to continue it on, so I created a Challenge. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with our “Flash” Challenges, when we say “flash” we mean a first rough draft – no editing. Post it as you write it. No regrets, no looking back, no thinking, “I should have done this…”

Many of the Undead Poets stepped up big, and more than met that challenge; they knocked it out of the park! Unfortunately, I am going to have too close the challenge before we run out of bandwidth 😉

This was an outstanding individual and group effort. This is what the Undead Poets are all about! Aaaarrrroooooooooo!!!!!!!

Rhyme on! Continue reading

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Flash Full Moon Haiku Continuation Challenge – Update as of 10:03PM ET 06/01/2010

Latest Update – Here is what we have so far: Continue reading

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