a hundred proof

it goes up.

it goes down.

i balanced it on the tip

of my finger nail,

a shot glass cracked

and filled with blood,

sweat, and tears.

a hundred proof too.

you know baby, he got it right.

that spinning wheel’s been

goin’ round and round

in my head and my eyes

are twirling and dizzy

with my ethanol dreams.

and i wish i was

a hundred proof.

it’d be so nice to

call you and let you know,

here i am baby, now

i’m gone and goin’

places you never

dreamed i could.

you know why, baby?

cuz i’m a hundred proof.

yeah, baby, and i

got enough juice to

keep goin’ around

and round and round.

around till i die, i guess.

around till i close my

eyes and sleep and sleep

and let the ethanol dreams

swim round my head

till i drown.

but right now baby,

i’m not there yet.

fifty, maybe fifty-five?

i don’t know baby.

but i got a long way to go.

a hundred’s a long way to go.

and you’ll know, don’t you.

you’ll know when i reach

a hundred proof.

i’m be flyin’ down town

and hoppin’ from cloud

eight to nine to ten

and you’ll know baby.

you’ll know.

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The Threshold

the threshold none can cross
invited you must be
all things of darkness cannot pass
shadows of the fallen  long ago

they rage and scream in silence
withering swaying back and forth
but none can enter uninvited
for the threshold is built strong as the cross

it burns and stings their rotted skin
still they are trapped in thick undulating air
safety lies within the spell you cast
the wards block the way a holy shield

strong the wizard a warden for all man kind
his power born from what fills his soul,heart and mind
all whom seek asylum must hold the threshold whole
against black shapes that wait in the dark

never let it go..

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In The Garden

an apple
once picked long ago
in summer
by her hand
she must know knowledge within
darkness fills the world

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The Aftermath: A horse and man

Oh, Great steed with silk hair white
graced with beauty pranced in moonlight
bears no spiraling horn or wings to fly
earthbound hoofs, incapable of flight

Adorned with crown the rider takes mount
dreams of triumph neglected to surmount
carries him away from battles engaged
throws down his spears painfully enraged

Countless battles were drummed, he answered the call
alive to return but did not escape unscarred
his opaque vest tattered, many hurling arrows deflected
alas, memories of war left his soul unprotected

Sat high on his horse, reflections impure
closing his eyes to make the world obscure
he finds great solace in the rhythmic dancing gait
deflecting the visions casting unbearable weight

-TheMsLvh June – © 2011
image source:http://devilry.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2ylrrm

Creative Commons License
California Ink In Motion by TheMsLvh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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The Passing of Pain

(Image courtesy of Tattooed JJ via Flickr)


The time of healing is near

yet for a distance,

Tears unshed with silent screams

Agony through the barrier of solitude.

Emotions create voids;

voids of self-discovery

Is it fear of vulnerability?

Arrows of others’ views

The bows of torment are sprung…

The clouds of time are building slowly

The torrent of healing is falling

Time strikes through

The barrier disintergrates.

As the quiet of a storm

so silence of the heart,

Focus on solitude lifts

Wounds wrap in scars.

Scars fall apart

lives weave a quilt of patchwork,

Thread sewn – meant to tear

The needle of Love

first and last

Eternal Union…


© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

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Letting go


Receding and returning

Burning, constantly churning



The feelings


ever elusive

Emotionally abhorrent

mentally abusive

An act, a mask

a tear behind a smile

The wall shutting out

the pain

the fear


My heart at odds

no hearts breaking even

Twisting and turning

my strength keeps me burning


The once insuring strength

always an alluding weakness;

The Keeper of the Walls

the key, the entry, was…

But one has touched the brick,

the wall; a barricaded entry

An allusion of uncertainty

veiled by the cool

collected calm

– Two –


© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

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The Keeper of the Walls

The Storm is moving closer

The peace, the security;

Anger strikes out knowing no reason.

The weakness to be strong

the elusive quality of tears;

a sorrow lifted.

The knowledge of the alluding strength

– my salvation –

The holy water of your tears

turns me to bitter wine.

-Goodbye –

The walls cannot crumble

The heart doe snot break apart, evenly

The intensity of feeling, the passionate emotion;

Nearness, togetherness…

Distance, innocence…

– Au Revoir –

To know my soul, my heart

open the windows, my windows…

Look behind the curtain

to my soul, through my eyes

– Welcome –

The Keeper of the Walls


© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

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Emotions at Tide

Undisturbed turbulence veiled by a calm tranquility,

Unleashed by the Earth’s might

Let its Spirit enfold;

Strange yet magnificent in its complexity

Known to change the essence of the mould.

The placidity, complex in the very simplicity

Known to affect the heart of the matter;

The slow ebb and flow of this inner city

One heightened wave meant to shatter.

The crest at the height

One with both the sun of the day

And the ghostly night shadowed in opaque moonlight;

Ebb and flow, ebb and flow nearing the bay.

Tumult of the heart, contradiction in the mind

Causing torment and pain with an ever-present falter;

Reason and logical thought bound as if by a halter:

Innocence borne out of knowledge

Ceased is the ability to solve,

A problem without the logic of college

All that is needed is involved;

One solution is true:

The answer of Love is the glue

meant to shatter,

in truth to matter…

© All Rights Reserved Kim Koning.

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Sweet Lily


new roman;”>

wearing but a woven crown of pale lilies
her blacken skin slick with sweat
glistens, a mirror without an image

each movement, each step silent
her body tense, she pauses…listening intently
to the sounds around her
garnet lips form a half-smile
she moves once again…invisible
in the fading light

mute speaking no language
the sound of the wind, the birds of the air
called out as she passed,a patron well-known
her shade having no form no substance yet dense
she cast spells and patterns against the broad leaves

some sought her of legend
some for the touch of her hot hot flesh
some a kiss from her blooded mouth
some the feel of her velvet musky skin

sweet lily was she…
sweet her sceant to taste
while man’s being burned with desire…
tossing and turning in slumber
while white the glow of a lily
she comes in a dream

sweet Lily was she…with a bitter sting
sweet dark as the night she savored
sweet the reaping of men’s hearts…
pulsating with each beat
death, decay, dust and ashes lie in her wake

sorrowful Lily not she…
meekly, the fools followed as carrion she made
quick to the core, flaying their souls…
men’s lustful natures betraying any hope

unredeemed, a nightmare that never ends
wet dripping…she carries them one by one
in her cold cruel cruel hands
sweet Lily was she…a gift to man
abandoned all to the altar of fate


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Grief Often gets in the Way

Grief often gets in the way
like a granite stone in a river
impeding the gentle sway
of the moonlight’s reflected silver

Sobbing with uncontrolled sorrow
which steals the breath away
wounded hearts forget tomorrow
will bring sunshine’s warm bouquet

Sadness, hidden deeply behind
longing eyes, searching to find
the joy, that once playfully lived
in a beating heart that thrived

Sometimes there is music
only grieving ears can hear
soothing melodies floating , the intrinsic
strum of a harp, angels hidden near

Lonely hearts long to fly away
held captive by a thief
familiar creature appearing each day
ominous and dark known as grief

-TheMsLvh ©2011 *edited suggestions by Michael York*

Inspired by “Thy son liveth: Messages from a Soldier to his Mother” by
Grace Duffie Boylad

Creative Commons License
California Ink In Motion by TheMsLvh is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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