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Lisa Gail Green would definitely have a werewolf for a pet if she weren't allergic. Visit her at to learn more about SOUL CROSSED (Feb. 25, 2015) and her other work.


Undead Poets hide their faces from the masses this should scare us all

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Flash Haiku for Full Moon

Full moon pulls the tide the beast pulses deep inside rips through will not hide

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A Challenge

So I saw that today on The Feckless Goblin, Ziggy challenges his readers to create a horror haiku. I propose we, the undead poets, take on this challenge. So here’s my attempt: Cliché I know better still I wonder alone … Continue reading

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I’ll Play!

Here’s my flash poem: Vampire Cold like the night he stumbles in hungry for the heat from my body my blood coursing, pounding, through my veins he hears it like a rushing river flowing calling there is no stopping no … Continue reading

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Monster Prompt: Writer

Writer Obsession calls Whispers low Darkness falls Feel words flow Cannot rest Dare to dream Do your best Want to scream Cannot run Always there See the sun Feel despair Take a breath “Stop!” she cries Feels like death Must … Continue reading

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Ode to Ed

Silent, stalking, ever watching, in the shadows to the right. Did I see you, are you real? Or a trick of the light? Power pulses from your being, never loses, never lost. Always creeping, plotting, seething, to collect whatever cost. … Continue reading

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Zeno Poem

So I found this blog today and learned about writing Zeno poems.  So I thought I’d give it a try.  Let me know what you think. Monsters lurking, hidden in the darkness of night lay in wait for someone to … Continue reading

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Vampires Vs. Werewolves

Vampires: Lonely, brooding, breathtaking, tortured. Hypnotic, graceful, dangerous, intense. Werewolves: Muscular, impetuous, fiery, passionate. Social, powerful, uncontrollable… Shirtless. Werewolves.

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I Love a Haiku in the Afternoon

Chimera Haiku by Lisa Gail Green My pet chimera has set fire to the carpet I recommend tile

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