The Threshold

the threshold none can cross
invited you must be
all things of darkness cannot pass
shadows of the fallen  long ago

they rage and scream in silence
withering swaying back and forth
but none can enter uninvited
for the threshold is built strong as the cross

it burns and stings their rotted skin
still they are trapped in thick undulating air
safety lies within the spell you cast
the wards block the way a holy shield

strong the wizard a warden for all man kind
his power born from what fills his soul,heart and mind
all whom seek asylum must hold the threshold whole
against black shapes that wait in the dark

never let it go..

About Cassiopeia Rises

I am an artist and a poet writing and living in NYC.
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5 Responses to The Threshold

  1. Tim Keeton says:

    I reeaallly like this one! Nicely done.

    Rhyme on!
    (Thus spake the Undead)

  2. Thanks much Tim. Been to hot hear in NYC to do much posting. No air where my computer is.
    Hope to write more soon.


  3. 🙂 Big Smile, powerful, :), thank you, appreciated, WS

  4. zumpoems says:

    Surpised this hasn’t gotten more traffic. Really nicely done!

  5. Thank you all for reading my work. Glad you liked it.


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